Doctor Who: 2005 –

Hey guys! This week I’ll be talking about the last five Doctors from Doctor Who; in this case, New Who.

The War Doctor, at this point, was just a plot for an episode. That’s what the War Doctor is. He is incredibly interesting, but he doesn’t make any sense in New Who. I really hope that he at least is mentioned within the twelfth Doctor’s time, because a part of the Doctor life- such a huge part too – shouldn’t just be swept aside like a companion getting new shoes.

The ninth Doctor was a great way to be introduced into this show. With Russel T. Davies in the head writing chair, it really made me feel like the Doctor truly did have compassion for everyone, but had a very deep background. Just from what he’s already done in Old Who, the one’s I’ve seen would be enough to make him how he is- and I haven’t seen a lot. I love Christopher Eccleston. He is such a great actor, and I really respect the fact that he chose not to do Doctor Who after the first season. I think if they had forced him to stay with a contract, the ninth Doctor would have started to lose what he had. He loved Rose so much, so much more than anybody else. His “dying” moment, he was truly full of love in that moment, and I think that’s what made the tenth Doctor care for everybody so much.

The tenth Doctor is my absolute favorite Doctor. David Tennant’s Doctor was a fantastic person- he had courage and bravery, but he was merciful. He was able to pull the switch when he needed to. You could tell he didn’t feel happy, or that he was glad to kill anybody, but it was what he had to do, to save everyone, so he did it. He was the most selfless Doctor, he was the most caring, most loving, most respectful for other lifeforms. He loved every companion, treated all of them like human beings and his best friend, and that’s what’s so amazing about him. He truly did think people had potential for greatness, to be amazing. As we know, the T.A.R.D.I.S. chooses the companions, but I feel like the Doctor definitely loves her choices.

I don’t feel like he would have made such an impact on me if it wasn’t for David Tennant’s acting. He did such a perfect job in my eyes. As a young child, David Tennant loved Doctor Who. He collected everything Doctor Who, and still does. He has his own action figure, which is so awesome to me. He truly loved playing the Doctor. That’s why he was so amazing. I don’t think there was ever a moment where his portrayal of the Doctor faltered. Not that I can remember, if anything.

Now, a warning, before I get into the eleventh Doctor; I really dislike Steven Moffat. In my, and an uncountable amount of other’s eyes, he comes off sexist, misogynistic, racist, elitist, and homophobic. In places it’s hard to see it, but in others it’s very obvious. I’ll try not to sit on that too much.

The eleventh Doctor had too much of a gritty feel at times, and then others it was completely the opposite. I don’t feel that they had a good mixture of the darkness and the light. I certainly feel like the female characters got swept aside too many times. They were treated like goddesses among the fans, but the Doctor himself treated them unfairly, like they were rubbish at times. The fact of the matter is, is that Moffat isn’t an amazing writer. I feel like if Moffat hadn’t been writing, I would have loved the eleventh Doctor. I feel that if he had loved his companions and showed that, not even as much as the tenth Doctor, he would have come off as a kind and caring person.

There’s a lot more issues that are hard for me to address, because this is something that really upsets me and that I cannot talk about calmly, and I know this will come off as very lazy on my part, but if you simply search ‘Steven Moffat is sexist’, you will find pages and pages and pages on the reasons how Steven Moffat is sexist, misogynistic, and all the others. Some of what you see may be worded dramatically, or with sarcastic tones, but please listen to what they’re saying. Here’s the University Study on Sexism in BBC’s Doctor Who, since there’s nothing I can say that isn’t already said in this study;

I have a lot of hope for the twelfth Doctor. Peter Capaldi is a great actor, he’s done great roles, and has loved Doctor Who since he was very young, just like David Tennant, so I feel like he’s definitely fit for this role. The only episodes I’ve been able to see is ‘Deep Breath’ and ‘Into the Dalek’, but so far it’s fairly good, stiff in places, but the acting has made me not worry about that too much and considering that the last three episodes of this season were written by women and that Peter Capaldi is really taking charge in what he will and won’t do, I have a lot of hope that things might be a lot different next season. I’m really hoping that Doctor Who’s writing room goes through a ‘regeneration’ of its own. They should definitely get women into the head writing room, people of color, and a new head writer.

So that’s how I feel about one of the BBC’s most popular television shows and it’s main character’s portrayal/writing.

Next week, I’ll review Captain America: The Winter Soldier! Have a Marvelous weekend everybody.


Incredible artwork by Alice X. Zhang. Please check out her work, she’s truly amazing.

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