Hate has no place in America

It has been over a year since I last wrote on my blog due to many personal issues that I have had to deal with that has kept my mind elsewhere. I decided that now is the time to focus on something I enjoy, which is writing, and voicing my opinion on the things I love.

A couple of days back I was trying to decide if I should write about the state of the WWE, the brilliance of NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling), Star Wars comic books under the Marvel banner, or many other geek related things when yesterday happened.

Unless you have been living under a rock, or refuse to know what is happening around you, you are well aware of what happened this weekend in Charlottesville. Without going into great detail on what we should all know by now, there was a violent clash between white supremacists and anti-racist protestors. Many people were hurt, 3 lives were lost, and our country has been rattled to it’s core. I followed Friday night through Saturday closely and was sick to my stomach to see the hatred and symbols of evil and oppression that were being displayed by these supremacists. I found myself ashamed to be a white male.

This year has been difficult for me on many levels, but the one pain that I feel I share with the majority of Americans is our current political climate. I have spent most of my adult life not discussing politics outside of my family. They get the “pleasure” of hearing my rants while I try to spare others of differing opinions outside of my home such ramblings. With where we are now as a nation I have decided to discontinue that. When people would say something offensive to me or others I would try to ignore it and move on to another topic. No more. From this day forward I will call you out and back you down if you spew anything from your mouth that is misogynist, racist, homophobic, etc… I feel that in some way I am part of the problem as a white male when I do not chew someone out for speaking in an offensive manner. I am going to correct that problem immediately.

You DO NOT have the right to spew hatred and ignorance. I have the right to make you stop by whatever means necessary. The Nazi symbol in America is grotesque since we fought and defeated them in World War II. I have family who fought against the Nazis who I know would be disgusted to see such things if they were still alive.

This is not a good time to be an American, but it can be again if we fight against hatred and do not cower from it. I am not going to tell you to pray for things to get better since that has never worked. I am not going to tell you to call your political leaders because that rarely works. I am only going to tell you to fight for human decency. To fight against what we all know is wrong. And to bring kindness back to our country despite what our leaders may do or in some cases not say.

I have always made it my goal to not blog too much of my personal opinion in regards to things like politics, etc… but I felt in this case I had no choice.

I have studied Buddhism for around 7 years now and I do believe strongly that we must all learn to love and respect one another despite our differences, but if you are part of the alt-right, white supremacy groups, or anything that involves hatred towards people that are different from you…FUCK OFF.

One thought on “Hate has no place in America

  1. You shouldn’t think that you are part of the problem just because of your gender/race. White supremacists are asking for trouble when parading in public making offensive statements. Antifa shouldn’t get a pass either though. Going around with weapons/masks and causing vandalism isn’t accomplishing anything.

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