CM Punk


The saga of CM Punk is one that has overwhelmed the internet wrestling community for the majority of the year. The IWC has been consumed with the drama that led to Punk’s sudden departure from the company that made him famous earlier this year.

For the rare wrestling fan that is not aware, CM Punk suddenly left the WWE in January of this year and does not look to be returning any time soon. Apparently he was burned out, not happy with his schedule and the wear and tear on his body, and did not feel he would be pushed as the top guy in the company. For the most part I understand where he is coming from. It is difficult when you work your ass off for a company and never get the credit you deserve. Wrestling is a very difficult business where you can find yourself working over 300 days a year and putting your body through an incredible physical strain which winds up hurting you emotionally as well. The fame and money can be unbelievable, but the physical and emotional strain can be overwhelming at times and make one question whether the financial success is worth it.

There are two basic opinions out there regarding his departure…those who understand and fault the WWE and those who think Punk is just a drama queen and needs to get over himself.  I only have one opinion of the entire situation:


I understand during the first couple of months of his departure with fans wanting to show their support for a performer that was involved is some memorable matches. Now it is October and the world has moved on. Sometimes the fans will chant his name for no good reason or they will chant his name during his wife AJ Lee’s matches which is now just getting annoying. He is gone and we all know at some point he will be back, but for now just shut the hell up. It is disrespectful to the other performers and annoying to the people watching at home.

The chants are getting less and less, but they are still noticeable. We all know he will return at some point so just save the chants for that day and move on with your live’s. There is a lot of good stuff going on in the WWE so just enjoy it and chant for people that are still in that ring today busting their butts for all the fans and not going to hockey games and appearing on the Talking Dead.

Thank you and good night!

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