Brock Lesnar


Brock Lesnar is an interesting individual. It is hard to deny his place in pro wrestling and the impact he had in the UFC. Going back to his college wrestling days, he is a fighting legend.

I really enjoyed his early career in the WWE and thought he deserved his quick rise to the top. He could put on solid matches, attempted high flying moves like a top rope moonsault, and really seemed to have the desire to put on a great show for the audience. He was even occasionally nice to fans! Now he lives off of his name recognition, works only when he feels like it, and is generally rude to fans.

I always have an issue with performers in every walk of life who do not treat the audience with respect and treat their job, which they are extremely lucky to have, with respect and enthusiasm. I have no issue with Lesnar working a limited schedule. I fact, he is wise to do so since it can extend his career and better his life by not putting himself through the typical athletic grind. What I have an issue with is that his matches are not the best on the card anymore even though he is usually the main event. Without Paul Heyman as his mouthpiece I would probably change the channel whenever he came on.

At this past Summerslam he won the WWE title with a one sided beat down of John Cena. Even though his 16 suplexes in the match are treated as if they were impressive, watching them live was boring. The booking of this match was bizarre to say the least. I did not necessarily mind him winning since I am sure his title run won’t last a full year, but just destroying Cena was a boring and non-creative way of giving him the belt. I am assuming the re-match at Night of Champions will be much better, but I am not holding my breath.

With such a limited schedule I just wish Lesnar would put forth the effort to give us his best performances possible, but he does not seem motivated to do so. Once you no longer have the passion for your job in entertainment you need to retire and move on to something else. The world will be fine without seeing you every once in a while.

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