Doesn’t it mean Saint Diego?

We just got back from a nice Labor Day weekend in lovely San Diego. San Diego seems to be the top summer vacation spot for most Americans who live on the West Coast and we are no exception. We have family that lives there so we had free room and board and were able to have a nice, relaxing trip.

We spent most of last Friday relaxing on Carlsbad Beach and the rest of the weekend shopping and visiting with family. The drive to and from was also nice and just what I needed to clear my head of work, stress, and the ‘real world’. If you are that rare person who has never been to San Diego I recommend it for the perfect weather and the relaxing beaches.

We decided as a family during this trip it was time to get more active. We have gotten more healthy with our eating and weight loss in the past year and a half, but we now want to take up hiking and get more physically fit. We are going to start with some light hikes this month and hopefully build up to some more heavy duty hiking by the end of the year. We are also purchasing the DDP Yoga set in a couple of weeks and trying his form of yoga to gain better flexibility and get more toned. It has a lot of good reviews and I think this will be a fun way to learn yoga especially since I am a Diamond Dallas Page and wrestling fan.

I may either add another day to my blog posting to give updates on my fitness progress or may just temporarily make Mondays Fitness Day. It really depends on my mood 🙂

Either way I have been enjoying getting healthier and extending my lifespan!


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