A Hard Day’s Night, Help!, Magical Mystery Tour, and Yellow Submarine

Hey guys! Like I said last week, I’ll be reviewing the four Beatles movies; A Hard Day’s Night, Help!, Magical Mystery Tour, and Yellow Submarine.

I decided to exclude Let It Be, since that’s just footage of the creation and progression of the last released album, Let It Be. Now, my Beatles movie knowledge is a bit fuzzy. I’ve just gotten into them a few months ago, but I’ll try my hardest on this!

A Hard Day’s Night was the Beatles first movie, in 1964. Recently, it was the anniversary of the movie and was re-released on July fourth. They’re just so young, it’s really quite cute to see them act for the first time. And it’s so sweet that George Harrison met his first wife, Pattie Boyd, on set. I hope to get to see the remastered version on DVD soon!

Personally, I think Help!, in 1965, is the best of the four movies. They’d gotten better at acting and it was more comfortable. The humor was better than last time, and I appreciate that. I really do love the movie, but there really isn’t much to say about it. I think the plot, while quite silly, is actually pretty good, and Ringo Starr’s and George Harrison’s haircuts were ghastly. I can only hope they remaster and re-release the movie next year.

Magical Mystery Tour, in 1967, was the last of all four of them acting together in the entire film, and it was, to put it shortly, bizarre. I liked it, personally, but it was really just silly, and it seemed like almost the entire film was just a bunch of music videos sewn together. The late ‘60s were a very.. recreational time, and I can only imagine that this movie was a product of it. Especially the flying scene.

Yellow Submarine, in 1968, was really quite bizarre to me. It lacked a certain charm all the other movies had, and that was mostly because they weren’t actually in the movie until the last two minutes. They didn’t even voice themselves. I do like certain aspects of the art style, and the Eleanor Rigby part is quite interesting and, in a more rough way, pretty. It was definitely impressive for that time. Overall, the movie feels almost forced. It’s weird for the sake of being weird, as my mother put it. After watching it a few times and getting more used to it, I will admit I do like it, but it is not my favorite.

Next week, I’ll change the pace back to Marvel movies and I’ll be reviewing the Avengers! Have a Marvelous weekend!



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