A Hodge Podge

Over the next couple of months my blogging will be a bit different than normal with a lot more random thoughts, comic book discussions, etc…

I still need to re-watch Wrestlemania 30 and give my new review on that plus this years amazing 31st edition, but lately my mind has been everywhere at once and I have had more to say than normal.

I still prefer to focus on reviews and the giving of my “humble’ opinion on various things with a strong desire to never get too political with topics, but we do seem to be in a period of monumental change in our society and it is hard to keep quiet.

I will never force my opinion down anyone’s throats and I will always respect other’s opinions, but sometimes the right thing must be said even if some people may be slightly offended.

I am still going for an overall fun, light read, but occasionally I just have to get something off my chest 🙂

Here’s to a lot of fun blogging and occasionally some respectful discourse!

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