Invader Zim #1


One of my all-time favorite animated shows is Invader Zim, created by Jhonen Vasquez.

The show has a unique animated style and some of the most irreverent stories/episodes that you will ever see on television. The show only lasted 2 seasons with 27 episodes total, but left a long lasting impression on all of it’s fan and did not overstay it’s welcome like many shows have.

The show was last on air in 2006 making it nearly 10 years without any new Invader Zim material, that is until now.

Oni Press has recently released issue #1 of Invader Zim by it’s original creator Mr. Vasquez and it did not disappoint. The comic book continues with the storyline we saw in the animated series which was essentially the human Dib trying to out the fact that Zim is an alien trying to take over the Earth despite the fact that no one believe Dib’s rantings.

This first issue starts with Dib living in seclusion looking like he has not showered in 9 years and is still obsessed with Zim, but has sort of given up on everything else.  When Zim suddenly reappears Dib snaps to attention, cleans himself up, gets back into ‘shape’ and the end of the issue triumphantly announces his intention to finally get Zim.

This first issue is a short read and serves the purpose of reintroducing the key characters to the readers and letting us know that the battle is back on and we can look forward to more crazy antics from Zim, Dib, and the rest of the cast.

It is definitely a must buy for fans of Invader Zim, but those who are new to the character may want to watch the original show to better understand the goings on.

From Vasquez’s writing and Aaron Alexovich’s art this series has tremendous potential and will undoubtedly be faithful to the characters.

Definitely a must buy.

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