A Modern Archie That Actually Works


This week I am taking a brief break from discussing the WWE to talk about another one of my favorite things, comic books. In particular the re-launched Archie Comics.

Archie is a character that debuted in the early 1940’s and has been a mainstay in the world of comics ever since. I am a big fan of every genre of comic books you can imagine with a preference for horror and super heroes, but every few years as I check out of a nearby grocery store, I see the latest small digest collection of Archie Comics and buy myself a copy and enjoy the simple innocence of it all.

For the better part of more than 7 decades Archie has not changed except for some crazy recent crossovers with The Predator (yes, the one that went up against Schwarzenegger at first and the xenomorphs more recently) and some tweaks here and there. Well, the publisher decided to end the original long running version of Archie and the Gang and completely re-launch the comic with an all new Archie #1. It was a big risk and it paid off.

Part of me was concerned they might try to introduce the world to a glum Archie dealing with ‘modern issues’ and completely re-work his look along with the rest of the cast, but that was not the case. Issue #1 has a great look to it with top notch artwork from Fiona Staples (featured above) and a solid script from legendary writer Mark Waid. The story and artwork have a modern day feel yet did not get away from the ‘fun-loving’ aspects of the characters. Yes, the first story may seem like a little bit of a bummer (no spoilers), but it works and makes sense, plus leaves you waiting impatiently for the next issue to arrive.

For $3.99 you cannot go wrong with this book. It is well written, well drawn, true to the characters, and an exciting new chapter in the story of one of the longest lasting characters of all time.

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