Murder She Wrote


I pride myself on being a peculiar fellow with some strange, eclectic tastes. I love the WWE, Phoenix Suns, Indianapolis Colts, comic books, Legos, etc… I can now add to that list Murder She Wrote.

Starring Angela Lansbury it lasted 12 seasons ending in 1995. I remember my Mother watching the show when it aired and I never paid much attention. Now with it streaming on Netflix it has become one of my all time favorite shows. I am a huge Star Trek fan, loving every iteration of it (with Enterprise getting a mild ‘like’) and MSW is right up there. The show is actually quite complex with the various twists and turns during each episode with the climax finally revealing the usually out-of-left-field murderer.

Angela Lansbury is simply awesome. She is an absolute legend and a delight to watch on this show. I am on season 5 with ‘only’ 7 more to go and I don’t want it to end.  My family and I watch on average 4-5 episodes a night and all three of us love the show.

Simply put, if you have a Netflix subscription you must give this show a shot. Yes, it may seem like an odd choice for a middle aged man who listens to Rob Zombie and plays Mortal Kombat to love Angela Lansbury and Murder She Wrote, but I do and I am not ashamed to admit it.

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