Captain America: Winter Soldier

Hey guys! This week I’m reviewing Captain America: Winter Soldier, one of my all-time favorite movies.

I have never trusted and loved a pair of directors more than I do the Russo brothers. This movie was absolutely outstanding. It could be debated that it was better than the first movie. The fact that the Russo brothers completely understand that it is a lie that every movie needs to have a romantic lead to be a good movie is refreshing and fantastic.

How every character was written was amazing, but I feel like Natasha/Black Widow’s was the best. She’s an existing character, but we didn’t really get a lot of her personality from the Avengers movie and Iron Man 2, and the fact that they were able to give her a great and real personality but also still be what she was before is amazing. She’s absolutely terrifying as Black Widow, calling to soldiers saying “Hey sailor” and looking like she’s going to eat them alive is truly just Black Widow. Natasha is one of Steve’s close friends, she’s playful, she has a great sort of dry humor, and even though she has a dark past, it does not make her personality gloomy and negative. There is a difference between Black Widow and Natasha and Captain America: Winter Soldier illustrates that greatly.

Sam Wilson couldn’t be any better, honestly. He is an amazing character, being a bit funnier than the others but not becoming just a comic relief character. He’s very sweet to Steve and Natasha, especially when they showed up at his doorstep – just having dealt with a confrontation/action scene with the Winter Soldier – and he just let them right in. He’s mischievous but not overly so, he’s very caring for his community, and he has so much courage and heart, he’s a very lovable character. I would personally love to see him take on the role of Captain America, but Chris Evans is doing such an amazing job, I certainly don’t want to see him leave soon.

Steve Rogers is one of my favorite characters and in the Captain America sequel we learn more about him – his mother died while Bucky and Steve were fairly young, that he makes friends insanely easy, that he’s still trying to catch up on seventy years, and that he isn’t dependent on being Captain America. We also learn that he is a good person but not a rule-following robot. He understood that what S.H.I.E.L.D. was doing was wrong, that ‘this isn’t freedom, this is fear.’ This is the Steve Rogers I absolutely love. Steve is just an amazing person, and out of all the male characters I can think of he is one of the most well-rounded. I’m so glad that we got to see him in the world of 2014 and to see him work through all of it very well.

Steve is incredibly smart too. Remember when he broke into the ‘Captain America Museum’ and stole his old uniform? That wasn’t just suppose to be a cool moment – even though it was. Steve was using his old uniform to trigger Bucky Barnes’ old memories. He knew that they had guns, and yet he still wore this uniform that made him completely vulnerable – but he did it to trigger Bucky’s memories. He risked his life just to get to Bucky. We see in this movie, not unlike in the first movie, that he is so very smart and cares so very much. Bucky is obviously Steve’s absolute best friend, and Steve is risking his life for him – just so he can get Bucky back.

Bucky Barnes is so very valuable to Steve Rogers. Bucky was probably the kid that was there for him when other kids bullied him, he was there for him when both his parents died, he was there for him in the war. Bucky isn’t just Captain America’s side kick, he’s Steve Rogers’ best friend, and could even be called his brother. When Steve says, while Bucky is beating the life out of him, ‘I’m with you til the end of the line’ Bucky’s impulse to protect him is so much stronger than the command wired in his brain to kill him.

I’m definitely glad that we got to see Bucky Barnes so much and so prominently in this movie. Yes, he is the protagonist of this movie so of course we’ll see him enough, but I was worried that we wouldn’t get to see Bucky and that’d we just see the Winter Soldier. What Bucky went through is absolutely horrible, and one of the first things that happened was that he was brainwashed – so when people say that he is the villain of this movie it’s technically incorrect. He is a victim playing the villain. None of what Bucky does in this movie is of his own free will, except for saving Steve at the end of the movie. Hydra has completely brainwashed Bucky to do what they want. He has been repeatedly frozen and refrozen for the past seventy years, and almost every time they wipe him and wire in commands to kill more people. If he was doing all of this by himself, if he was trying to kill Steve Rogers and countless others in his past consciously, then you could call him a villain. But he did not, so he is the victim of this story. I can only hope we see him in the next movie and see some of the process to getting him back to Bucky Barnes.

This was such a great movie, and I am so so glad that the Russo brothers will be directing the next movie and taking over the Infinity Wars. I am absolutely positive that Captain America: Civil War will be absolutely outstanding.


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