Fallout 3


With the new generation of gaming consoles in full swing many websites are discussing the best games of the previous generation. Fallout 3 is usually on these lists and for me it is the best game of that generation hands down.

I poured in well over 100 hours of game time and it was worth every minute. I purchased all DLC and combed through every inch of the in-game world and nothing left me feeling like I wasted my money or time.

RPG’s are one of my favorite gaming genres and Fallout 3 was truly a master of this game type. You start out by building your character’s skills in Vault 101 and it is done in a very interesting birth to adulthood sequence. There is a story path to follow but for the most part you can really do whatever you please and take as much time as you want in the seemingly endless areas of the game. There are so many things to find off the beaten path that it is wise to take your time and go through every little section of the game.

If you are obsessed with looting then this game will not disappoint. There appears to be an endless variety of weapons and other in-game knick-knacks that you can never truly find everything there is in the game.

If you somehow missed this game or do not consider yourself an RPG fan then now is the time to get this game for dirt cheap and find yourself quickly immersed in one of the most entertaining games ever.

Bethesda did such an amazing job that I sincerely hope that the eventual Fallout 4 for the current generation will somehow blow it out of the water which will truly be a monumental task.

I am keeping my fingers crossed!


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