Beyond the Ring

I say this week after week, but the greatest thing to come out for wrestling fans is the WWE Network (I will not stop until everyone subscribes!). I have been going through the WWE’s Beyond the Ring series which is a collection of the documentaries they include on their DVD/Blu ray releases. They feature topics on individual performers like Steve Austin, Edge, and Big Show (to name a few) and also on other topics like rivalries, WCCW, NWA, etc…They are regularly adding shows so it is safe to say we will eventually have access to all of the doc.’s from past home video releases.

I enjoy learning the behind the scenes stories of these performers who I have watched for years and getting an idea of who they really are outside of their wrestling personas.

Last night I watched the WCCW Beyond the Ring and even though I was aware of the Von Erich families’ tragedies there were some details I was not aware of. It was eye opening to learn about what happened during that time from various points of views from people who were actually there.

The Chris Jericho one was another fun watch since they showed footage from when he very first started and it was great seeing his evolution as a performer.

There are only a few of these specials I have not watched yet and so far I have enjoyed them all.

For wrestling fans this series is yet another reason why the WWE Network is a must buy!

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