The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Finale

The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Finale was full of big changes that all worked well. There were a lot of risks taken, but they all paid off and left me impatiently looking forward to the start of season 8.

Stu’s comic shop burning down initially left me feeling disappointed in such a major change, but when he wound up becoming Howard’s Mother’s care giver it worked surprisingly well and I am looking forward to that new dynamic for a character I really enjoy and wish would have something good happen to him for a change.

It is nice to see Raj having a successful relationship for once. I hated the character of Lucy with a passion. She had some humorous moments, but overall was annoying and not the right choice for the character of Raj. His new girlfriend seems perfect for him and I sincerely hope they keep going in this direction.

I actually like the fact the Penny and Leonard are engaged. I have found the volatility of their relationship to be a bit frustrating at times, but this past season the characters seem to have moved past some of that and the engagement does feel like the correct direction for them to go in.

The biggest moment in the show though is Sheldon going out on his own to “discover” himself. Surprisingly, it truly seemed like a great way to start evolving the character past what we as viewers are used to. I love the character of Sheldon, but at some point he does need to evolve at least a little bit. The possibilities are endless for what he could experience while exploring the world and I hope the writers come up with some great moments and smart character development for next season.

Overall, The Big Bang Theory proves once again why it is the top rated comedy and will more than likely stay that way for it’s entire run.


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