Kirby Krackle


Just a quick post today to send you in the right direction for finding good music.

One of my favorite current bands is Kirby Krackle. I first heard of them on a podcast I listened to regularly called Comic Geek Speak. There music is referred to as ‘nerd rock’ since the topic of their songs usually covers video games, comic books, and anything one would consider geeky.

Their debut self-titled album came out in 2009 and was a great start, but their second release, E for Everyone, was where they really hit their stride. The song Ring Capacity has to be one of the catchiest songs of all time. After hundreds of listens over the past couple of years I still have not gotten tired of the song.

You can purchase their albums and other merchandise at their website,, or visit iTunes.

If you like catchy pop rock music and are into everything geeky then you will not be disappointed.

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