South Park: The Stick of Truth


One of my new favorite games is South Park: The Stick of Truth. This game is a must buy if you are a fan of South Park or just a fan of ridiculous, over the top humorous RPG style gaming.

The game starts off like most RPG’s with you creating your own South Park character to represent you in the game. Just this small part is laden with humor that will have you laughing from the get go (just an FYI, do not spend too much time trying to come up with your character’s name…you will see why). From this point forward you are now in a long episode of South Park. The graphics are spot on and really give you that feeling of playing around in an episode.

I am only a little over half way through the game and it does not disappoint. There are many inside jokes that may get lost on the non fan, but overall it is still that same crude, socially/politically biting humor everyone has come to expect. The game play is fast paced and even though there is a story line to progress through, you can still spend some serious time just walking around and trying to find all the easter eggs you can.

This game is definitely one that must be added to any gamer and/or South Park fan’s collection.

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