Wrestlemania’s 21 and 22











Wrestlemania 21 was a terrific show from start to finish. When a show begins with a match featuring Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero (in what would be his last Wrestlemania before his untimely passing), which was simply amazing, you know it will be a good night for wrestling.

We also had the first Money in the Bank ladder match, which Edge won, which was an incredible match for something we were seeing for the first time. The other participants were Chris Jericho, Christian, Chris Benoit, Edge, Shelton Benjamin, and Kane who all did a great job with Shelton really standing out. He is an amazing athlete that I wish was still part of the WWE today.

Other notable matches were John Cena winning the WWE Title over JBL and Batista winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Triple H. A nice passing of the torch from these two legends to the young guys who would become legends in their own rights.

The best match of the night was Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels. Holy s@$t was this a great match! Two of the best performers in the history of professional wrestling who had an amazing chenistry in the ring and turned in a classic. If you are a wrestling fan or wonder how could someone be a wrestling fan, then watch this match and you will understand.








Wrestlemania 22 the following year was another great show.

Edge beat Mick Foley in a hardcore match which ended with a spectacular finish of Edge spearing Foley through a burning table. This is a match that is not for the faint of heart with a lot of extreme violence and blood which is a stark contrast from the WWE today.

A surprisingly good match was Mickie James defeating Trish Stratus fro the Women’s Championship. Both women worked hard and put on a very solid match.

The second MITB ladder match was won by Rob Van Dam and was amazing just like the year before.

The highlight though was Vince McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels in a no-holds-barred match. There is a reason Michaels was known as ‘Mr. Wrestlemania’ since he had a tendency to steal the show with his incredible athleticism. McMahon always amazes me due to the fact that he will put his body on the line and make himself look as bad as needed to entertain the fans. The abuse he took during this match was crazy and the final spot with Michaels jumping down on McMahon, who was lying prone on a table with a garbage can over his head and upper body, from a large ladder was mind blowing.

Overall, another great show that makes me anticipate the 31st installment this Sunday even more!

WWE Payback 2014


This was one those PPV’s that did not have a lot of positive expectations going in. Most fans online expected it to be boring, but it was anything but. Overall, it was a very good show with 4 big highlights.

The show started off with Sheamus defeating Cesaro to retain the United States title. A very good opening match between to great talents. A lot of back forth, a good story, and nice high spots. The crowd was into this match and it was a promising start to the night.

Bad News Barrett retaining his title against RVD was another solid title bout. RVD can still outperform a lot of wrestlers on the roster and BNB is very over with the crowd and can really put on a great match. RVD putting over Barrett was the right choice and I cannot wait to see BNB in future story lines. He is definitely a top performer.

John Cena over Bray Wyatt in a Last Man Standing match was the match of the night. I have not enjoyed this feud for the most part. Their match at Wrestlemania this year was slow and boring. Their rematch at last month’s PPV was significantly better, but the possessed child that came out at the end was stupid and ruined the match. This third match made it all worthwhile. A ton of back and forth, great high spots, a suddenly terrific story, and well thought out interference from Wyatt’s crew and the Usos made for an amazing match. The end of the match was also well done. It cracked me up, but did not come off as stupid. It cannot be properly explained and needs to be viewed.

The main event was Evolution losing to The Shield in a no holds barred, elimination match. It looked for a while that Evolution would go over, but suddenly The Shield came on strong in the end and eliminated all three members of Triple H’s team with none of The Shield being eliminated. Triple H made the correct call and put the correct guys over.

This was a solid show and it was clear that the talent all put their best feet forward and provided fans with an entertaining 3 hours that was well worth the money.