Thor: The Dark World

Hey guys! This is my review of Thor: The Dark World, which is an overall great movie and never gets boring.

Malekith was wonderful, and Christopher Eccleston played it amazingly. The only thing I had seen him in was Doctor Who, and I couldn’t recognize him as Malekith. I was absolutely amazed with Malekith and the Dark Elves overall. The Dark Elves have a creepy manikin-like doll-ness to them, and it makes them unsettling in somehow a pleasant way. I thought they were great, and they could keep incorporating them into stories since there are also Light Elves.

Idris Elba is such a wonderful actor, and Heimdall was executed perfectly. I’m very glad he was the one who was cast in this role, and I’m even happier we saw more of him. Heimdall is an amazing supporting character and is one of those characters that just sort of makes the movie.

Lady Sif is even better in this movie, her armor looks practical, and we definitely get to see more of her being able to completely destroy in battle. We see hints that she loves Thor, but it never takes over her character or reflects negatively upon her. Sif and Thor’s banter was really great too, and I want to see more of that.

Thor is, as usual, a great character. There’s sort of a sadder vibe to him in this movie, considering he’s still getting over not being able to get to Jane, and then later in the movie having to deal with his mother’s death. All sequels get darker, but I feel like Thor’s character had a more noticeable change.

I really enjoy that they had Jane be possessed by the Aether, it gave something more to her character, but I really do feel like her character is written like too much of a love interest. I do like her character and she is Thor’s love interest, but I definitely feel like she comes off more cliche than all of the other Marvel female characters. You can’t have every character be the same, of course, but there is something off with Jane for me. I may just be the only one, but I feel like she could have been different.

Loki in this movie was even more interesting and deep than the last two. He seems less ruthless – even if he is still very demeaning – and when Odin says he will never see his mother again, there is true pain on his face. Loki is not a loving person, he is not affectionate or caring, but he loves Frigga – he loves his mother (and considering his final scene as Odin, most likely he does still cares for Thor). He will always say she isn’t his mother, but she only isn’t his birth mother. She immediately loved Loki, and took him as their son right away – there was no doubt that he was now a part of her family, whether or not he was destined to be king.

Frigga’s first moment in the movie was her being loving. She cared for both of her sons, no matter what they did, and that’s truly what Frigga is. I wish we had gotten to see more of her, considering how fantastic she is. She’s one of the best movie mothers I’ve seen, and I wish they hadn’t killed her off.

Frigga’s death is very beautiful though, and her dying so honorably – protecting her family – made it more meaningful. She wasn’t just stabbed while she just watched- she actually fought back, and we honestly don’t see that a lot. I don’t feel like she died in a cliche way. It’s an obvious trope, that the mother dies to bring emotion and character development to the main character/s, but it was such a strong and powerful scene, not focusing on how Thor, Loki, and Odin were handling it and/or crying, but instead it focused on the fact that she was gone, and going to Valhalla. (Norse mythology/Asgard’s heaven, and in some tellings, it’s mostly where their warriors went which makes Frigga’s death even more meaningful)

The design for the movie is stunning, and the details on everything is amazing. Even the chains Loki had were very detailed, and the main reason why I cried during Frigga’s death scene was because of the absolutely beautiful CGI. It was one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve ever seen, honestly.

I absolutely love this movie, and I cannot wait for the next one.


Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Nicolas Cage is an interesting actor. Is he a great actor? No…he is the same person in every role he has ever played. Has he been in more bad movies than good? Yes. Are some of the same movies worth a watch only because of Cage’s over the top and very unique acting style? Hell yes and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is one of those movies.

I keep hoping they will come out with a Ghost Rider movie that really honors the source material. I would love to see something similar to the first two Blade movies. Good quality R-rated horror. Two movies in and we have not gotten close, but since Marvel has regained the rights to the character recently perhaps there is hope for the future. For now we have these Nicolas Cage vehicles which are not good by any stretch of the imagination, but are fun nonetheless.

The first one was okay, but in terms of bad movies Spirit of Vengeance was the superior of the two. Cage was somehow even more over the top than the first film, but it worked in a bizarre way. I am always surprised that he is still a working actor, yet I find myself buying his films and actually enjoying them. I believe Mr. Cage is deserving of a long term, analytical study to determine why many people like myself still watch his work and actually do not feel guilty afterwards as we should.

This movie was strange and seemed like the director did not know what was going on half the time, but I still enjoyed this movie and paid attention throughout. I was going to go into more detail on the storyline, but figured that would be a waste of energy since it seemed to not be a focus of this film.

I enjoyed that there was a pivotal character named Danny who is a reference to the alter ego of another incarnation of Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch. I also enjoyed Idris Elba as Moreau. He was over the top as well, but Elba always adds a gravitas to his performances and it worked.

If you have Netflix and 96 minutes to kill and are not worried about losing a few brain cells, watch this movie and revel in the fact that Marvel has the rights back and will hopefully give us a great Ghost Rider movie in the future.


Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is one of the most fun movies that has come out in a while. I am a huge fan of Guillermo del Toro and when he first announced he was working on a Kaiju movie I was very excited by the possibilities. He is one of the most talented filmmakers today and I knew he would not disappoint. I did not get to see this movie in the theaters but watching it on blu ray was worth the wait. The movie looked perfect in HD and the sound was intense.

The Jaeger were impressive and came off very realistic as did the Kaiju. You truly got a sense that these monsters and robots were all real and beating the living daylights out of each other while destroying everything in their path.

Overall, the performances were good with Idris Elba and Ron Perlman standing out. Idris Elba is great in every role he plays and he really seems to take every part seriously no matter how silly the subject may seem. Because of that he always stands out and makes every movie he is in that much better. Ron Perlman is simply an iconic genre actor and he never disappoints no matter the role.

I sincerely hope we get a sequel to this movie and get to see much more robot on monster action.