Joe Frankenstein #1

Today’s comic book review is Joe Frankenstein.

Title – Joe Frankenstein #1

Publisher – IDW Publishing

Co-writer – Chuck Dixon

Co-writer/Artist – Graham Nolan

Genre – Action/Horror

With a cover date of February 2015 I am a bit late to the party, but the above image caught my attention being a big fan of horror with Frankenstein’s Monster being one of my all-time favorite horror icons. I am glad I plunked down my $3.99 for what turned out to be a fun, old-school monster tale.

The story begins with our main character Joe delivering pizza to a home occupied by multiple women who turn out to be vampires looking for a person to snack on. Joe is saved from his untimely death by a hooded figure who thwarts off his attackers with ease. The hooded figure turns out be the Monster from Frankenstein lore and Joe turns out to be an heir to Dr. Frankenstein much to the surprise of the reader and the character of Joe as well.

Much of the first issue focuses on Joe coming to grips with his surprising lineage, trusting the Monster, and the establishment of the villains of the story. For the most part the story is simple and standard but with the art from Graham Nolan really bringing every image to life and showing all the necessary details and the fun writing from both Nolan and Chuck Dixon with the interesting lineage twist, this is a first issue that makes you clamor for more.

I will be hitting the back issue bins at my local comic book store to get the 3 other issues that were released earlier this year. Hopefully, the story wraps nicely and maybe the series will continue in the future.

Night of the Living Podcast

Out of the 10 podcasts I listen to regularly the one that I have enjoyed the longest is NOTLP aka Night of the Living Podcast. Hosted by Andy, Kelley, Freddy, Amy, Chiz, and Erica, they cover everything horror related and have been around since 2006. I have been listening to them for the past 5 years and have not missed an episode since. They are simply hilarious and all 6 hosts are immensely entertaining.

They post a new show most Sundays and I always eagerly look to download it so I have something to start my week off right. They are currently on regular episode 374 but have several special episodes they have done from Horror Hound weekends, with special guests, etc…

They are definitely more adult oriented with their bawdy sense of humor and the fact that they review/discuss horror movies, books, etc… Their humor is not for everyone, but that is what makes them great. They are true to who they are and are not afraid to share their twisted brand of humor with their appreciative listeners.

If you are a fan of the horror genre and love large amounts of humor thrown in for good measure then you must give this podcast a try.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street, released in 1984, is the movie that got me in to horror movies when I was a teenager. There was just something about the movie’s creepiness and the killer himself, Freddy Krueger, that really intrigued me and turned me in to a life long horror movie fan.

Re-watching the first movie as an adult, it still has that creepy factor and I still see Freddy as the best horror movie villain ever created…even in his later, silly catchphrase incarnation.

For the few horror movie fans that may have not seen it I will just give my general opinions and mention some of my favorite moments without spoiling anything.

What caught my eye was the fact that through a large potion of the movie you do not get to see Freddy clearly which makes his eventual full reveal more shocking if this is your first exposure to the character. The look of Freddy is effective for a first movie and Robert Englund’s performance is perfect. I have the recent remake in my collection, but have yet to watch it since it is hard to imagine anyone else in the role since Englund portrayed this character perfectly for 7 films.

The gore effects stand up fairly well with my favorite of the film still being the classic Johnny Depp bed blood geyser. Even if you have never seen this film, it is one of those classic horror movie moments that just about every fan is familiar with. It is also amusing watching Depp in his first major movie role and to see how much he has grown as an actor over the years.

I also enjoyed John Saxon as the father of the heroine of the story, Nancy (played by Heather Langenkamp). Sometimes actors in horror movies can come off as not taking the medium seriously and acting goofy and over the top. Saxon takes his role and the movie itself seriously and plays his part perfectly.

The movie can easily be obtained on DVD or blu-ray separately or in collections of the 7 original movies through all the normal retailers. As a big fan I have the original DVD 8 disc set and it holds up very well.

This is one of those films that is a perfect example of why the ’80’s slasher movie craze was so big and how, despite a lot of the straight-to-home-video horror movies that made the genre look bad, there are still many great exceptions with A Nightmare on Elm Street being at the top.