Health progress

I finally got myself back to my pre-holiday weight. I spent most of January hovering between 197 and 200 lbs., but as of last Friday I finally got back down to 192 which puts me 7 pounds away from my goal weight.

Exercise has been sporadic lately, but I am still keeping fairly active and looking to get right back on the exercise track this weekend. The exercise is key for me to get to a point where I am not embarrassed to be shirtless on the beach or  poolside since I am still a bit ‘doughy’.

Weight loss can be a struggle at times, but seeing the results makes things a little bit easier for me. As long as I eat healthy, try to be as active as possible, and keep up a positive attitude I will succeed at this by not only losing that last 7 lbs., but keeping it off as well.

Anything I can do to extend my life as long as possible is worth the struggle.


The New Year is finally here and with it comes promise, hope, and a ton of untold surprises for all of us.

I do not believe in making New Year’s resolutions since they seem to never be held to so I just promise to continue on my path to being a better, happier, and more successful person.

One of the most popular resolutions involves weight loss. Since I have been on that journey for 2 years now my goal has not changed.

In February of 2013 I weighed 267 lbs. and I am now down to 196.  I got back to slightly over 200 during the holidays, but made sure to get back on track and continue to get myself to my goal weight of 185. Only 11 lbs. to go and I have no doubt I will get there by next month.

My main health related goal this year is to get myself in the best shape possible. Even though I am very close to the appropriate weight for my age and height I still would not look good on the beach sans shirt. I did not work out the last 2 weeks of the year, but have gotten myself right back on track with DDP Yoga 3 days a week and weight lifting 2 days a week. My family and I always spend a few days in San Diego on the beach around July and I want to be comfortable doing the one thing I have never done at the beach and that is go swimming without a shirt. I am aiming for a Shawn Michaels type of physique, fit but not overly muscled:


I used to be in fine shape when I was in high school, but never Shawn Michaels-fit so it will be interesting to see if I can get myself to that point at age 40. It has been hard work, but fun and worthwhile at the same time. My weight loss has improved my stamina, my athleticism, made it so I can fit comfortably on amusement park rides, and improved my overall self-confidence.

There is part of me that wishes I did this sooner, but I am glad I finally convinced myself to do so now since this has improved my life in so many ways.

My only bit of advice for anyone who wants to do the same…if even I can do it, then anyone can!


Getting there


Just a brief update on my goal of getting fit.

I am now down to 198 lbs. I have not been under 200 lbs. in at least 20 years. It is a great feeling and I have now lost 69 lbs. in 21 months and I am only 13 away from my goal weight of 185. I cannot remember the last time I felt this good physically and I do not want it to go away anytime soon.

I still have that belly action that prevents me from going to the beach sans shirt. To rectify this I started DDP Yoga last week. Holy shit it is kicking my ass! Monday consisted of about 30 minutes spent learning the basics, which my body handled surprisingly well. Wednesday was a full hour of going over the basics again and then doing a 25 minute energy boosting routine. I moved my body in ways that I did not realize were possible and actually broke a serious sweat which I used to avoid as much as possible. Friday was another 25 minutes of the same energy routine and my body is definitely feeling it which is a good thing.

In week one things were not easy but I did my damndest to stick with it and learn the correct way to exercise. Over time I know DDP Yoga will help me to get fit and I cannot wait to see how far I will have come by the end of the month, but first I need to get past week 2!