Spider-Gwen #1

Today’s comic book review is Spider Gwen.

Title – Spider-Gwen #1

Publisher – Marvel Comics

Writer – Jason Latour

Artist – Robbi Rodriguez

Genre – Action/Superhero




One word to describe this title is fun. Being a first issue we are primarily introduced to the basics, who the character is and her personality, and that worked perfectly. It is very clear that the main thing she shares with the original Spider-Man (Peter Parker) is her powers and nothing more. She is a very unique addition to the Spider-verse and does not feel like just another re-tread.

Robbi Rodriguez’s art is vibrant and eye-catching and holds your attention from the first panel to the last. It has a modern feel, but is not alienating to those of us with ‘older eyes’. The design of her costume is fantastic as well and very unique.

Jason Latour’s writing is top-notch as well. He weaves an interesting tale to set up the rest of the series, but does an excellent job not to overwhelm the readers with too much information.

Fortunately, this title is doing well both critically and with the fans and I look forward to catching up with the series ASAP without the concern that it may suddenly be cancelled which happens from time-to-time in the world of comic books.

No matter your age or gender this is a title you should give a shot since I have a good feeling we will be seeing a lot more of this character in the future.


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