Surface Pro 3 Updated Review

Just a quick update on my feelings towards the Surface Pro 3 (original review can be found here

In have had this device for over a month and it is still amazing. The one thing I originally had issues with is the battery life which at first did not seem to live up to Microsoft’s claim (9 hours of web browsing). Light use with just basic web browsing and e-mail checking seems to corroborate a 9 hour battery life, but anything else you do on the Surface will drain that bad boy quickly. I just try to remember to bring my power cord when I take it with me out of the house and it is a small inconvenience for a great device.

I was very fortunate to get one for free since this particular model goes for quite a bit of money and would have been out of my price range. If you have the funds though to buy a high end tablet that works like a high end PC then you need to get this device.

Games work perfectly, productivity programs work great, and I use it just like I would a PC.

I am still very grateful for this awesome prize and strongly recommend getting one for yourself.

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