Common Sense

My goal with this blog from day one has been to steer clear of political/sensitive issues. I look at this blog as a way for me to share my life experiences, promote the heck out of professional wrestling, give my teenage daughter a venue to share her opinions and improve her writing skills, and various benign reasons. It has been getting more and more difficult for me to keep silent with all of the goings on in this crazy world we live in, both positive and negative. So, without being too obvious I am just going to generalize how I feel about where we are headed as a society.

Just a little background on me first…I am neither liberal nor conservative, just a guy with opinions.

My opinion on everything that has been going on recently can be summed up in one simple phrase, common sense. What is wonderful about being a human being is that we are able to live our lives in any way we choose as long as we do not hurt ourselves or others. Having differing opinions is a good thing since life would be mundane if we all agreed on everything.

I am perplexed when people get outraged by the way others live their lives. Common sense dictates that what someone else does in their personal lives usually will not affect me. As long as you are a good, decent person whatever lifestyle you live is your business and does not negatively impact me. I get beyond frustrated when someone gets angry about what other people do in their private lives. Common sense would tell these people to get over themselves, but they rarely do. I have family members and friends who I strongly disagree with on certain topics, but I do not think any less of them and they do not think less of me.  We are all allowed to have our opinions and share them, but we should never tell someone else their feelings are wrong, unless it is something harmful to them or others.

Also, why is it considered oppressing someone when they come out publicly with an opinion and I come out in opposition to it? I cannot stand it when people get up in arms when you disagree with someone else and act like you are trying to oppress them in some way and not allow them to share their feelings. Isn’t the whole point of freedom of speech the fact that if you come out and say one thing that I have the right to give a dissenting opinion? I am baffled when people act like I am taking away a person’s right to free speech when I disagree with that person. That is what free speech is. I am not telling the person to shut up, I am just giving my opinion on the matter.

Plain and simple, common sense is one of the most important skills we must all learn. With it, I think the world would be a much better place and our stress levels would decrease dramatically.

Remember, we are all equal, we all have the right to free speech, we should feel comfortable sharing our opinion, and we all need to get over ourselves just a little bit.

I have now stepped off of my soapbox. Carry on…

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