Fall Out Boy

Last night I took my 13 year old daughter to her first concert, Fall Out Boy.

I now officially know what my father felt like when he took me to my first ever concert (which was Lita Ford, Black ‘N Blue, and Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force by the way). I felt like a father who’s goal was to make sure things went well, not embarrass your child, and try not to look too out of place. I think I did fairly well in those regards.

Overall, this was one heck of a show. I was surprised by how familiar I was with the majority of FOB’s music. It was nice to hear them sound the same as they do on their albums. I have been to a lot of concerts and there have been a few that were terrible live, but Fall Out Boy is not one of those. They had a big screen flash all kinds of videos and images throughout the set with my personal highlight being when they performed ‘Immortals’ from Disney’s Big Hero 6. During the song they played scenes from the movie and that was the first time I have ever seen a Disney animated film at a rock concert and I must admit I loved it.

My wife and daughter also had a great time and if they want to check out Fall Out Boy again I would not be opposed. Sometimes I get in to ‘old man mode’ regarding modern bands, but I must admit that Fall Out Boy is a damn good band that puts on a great show no mater how old you are.


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