One of my favorite pastimes is reading. I am always in the middle of a novel, reading a magazine, following blogs, etc…

I have been this way most of my life and cannot imagine a time when I did not want to read. In my opinion anything that involves written words and your eyes moving between them with your brain processing the meaning of those words counts as reading. Whether you are reading a classic novel, cheap romance book, or even a comic, it is still reading and a good way to work that particular part of your brain.

I tend to go from serious literature to mindless fun depending on my mood. What I am most amazed by is people who say they do not like to read. For some, the feeling is you must be reading what is considered by most to be a legitimate, well respected novel in order to be a true reader, but that is not the case. Perusing a blog post is reading and can be very enlightening. Even checking out the latest superhero comic count as reading and works parts of your brain that need to be exercised often.

I enjoy all forms of entertainment from movies and television to gaming and collecting sports cards. The one thing that keeps my mind going though is reading. Without reading I would not be able to expand my knowledge of the world around me which has been a goal of mine in adulthood.

Even if you do not consider yourself a reader and do not have the patience to dig into a big book, go ahead and grab your favorite magazine or read something online and realize you are more of a reader than you originally thought.

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