Positive Attitude

I am trying a bit of an experiment. I am normally a pretty happy guy, but like most people I tend to focus more on the negative than the positive. Perfect example is I am thrilled to be employed, but not overly thrilled of what I do for a living. I have looked for jobs that I would be good for and more happy doing, but they are not too keen on hiring me just yet. I am not young and my options feel limited, but I know deep down there is something better out there for me that I can really enjoy and feel like I am doing positive/useful work.

I still have these moments of ‘I am stuck here’, ‘I am unqualified’, ‘I am going to die here’, etc… What I believe I need to do is have a better attitude towards my current job and at the same time realize there is something better out there for me…it is just taking me a while to find it.

I always here about how a good attitude can have positive effects on your life. Well, time to finally test that theory. I have been lucky to have an overall good life, but professionally I have never been 100% satisfied. I do believe strongly that there is a much more satisfying job out there for me. I just need to open my eyes and attitude for it to happen.

Okay, today is day one of a great, positive attitude. Lets see what good things I can make happen!

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