Michael Jordan: The Life


When I want to read about someone’s life and experiences I like to find one definitive book. Over the years plenty of books have come out about Michael Jordan, possibly the greatest basketball player of all time. It took a while, but this year we finally got the only book you need to read about Jordan, Michael Jordan: The Life by Roland Lazenby.

This is a long, detailed book that covers nearly every aspect of his life from his Great Grandfather’s struggles, to Michael’s childhood, and through his entire college and professional career. Almost nothing is left uncovered.

Learning about his mother and father, who he was very close to, was very interesting since the author pulled no punches and displayed the negatives with the positives. These are people we saw a lot during Michael’s playing days and it is good to get a true aspect of what was going on behind the scenes.

Also, learning about what his teammates in high school, college, and the NBA really felt about him was refreshing. This is not a tabloid style book, it just tells the truth from all perspectives, good and bad, which is something I have been looking for when reading about a man who I watched in hundreds of basketball games when I was younger.

Michael Jordan is still one of the most well known athletes in history and it is nice to finally have a book that gives an accurate portrayal of a very gifted and complicated athlete.

This is by no means a quick read, but if you are a basketball fan or just interested to learn more about Jordan, this is the only book you will need.

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