Happy Monday!!!


It’s Monday and here’s to another good week!!! I have been away from blogging for a couple of weeks getting ready for the holidays, but now I am getting my butt back on schedule. Still doing Monday’s and Wednesday’s but my posts will be on more random topics. Basically, whatever is on my mind for the day 🙂

Today is strictly a getting back on track with my writing day and this Wednesday I will be a little more focused.

This past Halloween weekend was an absolute blast. I enjoy Thanksgiving, love Christmas, but Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. Always fun and it is the day that seems to kick off the cooler weather in my home state. This past weekend the weather was chilly with highs in the low 70’s…one of the big reasons I enjoy living in Arizona.

My weight loss is still going well. Down to 197 from 267 and in to week 4 of DDP Yoga which is kicking my butt, but providing some good results.  I would like to get as close to my goal weight of 185 before Christmas day since we always spend it with my Mother and the food she serves is always plentiful and damn good so if I gain 5 lbs. in one day it won’t be too big of a deal 🙂

Tonight my Indianapolis Colts take on the NY Giants and I hope we get right back on the winning track after losing to the Steelers last weekend.

The next couple of Wednesdays I will be focusing on my favorite time of the year which is the holiday season which involves my love of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

I am back and looking forward to blogging whatever is going on in my frantic brain!

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