The Network


Okay, I know I have covered this before, but it must be re-visited. If you are a wrestling fan and buy even a couple of PPV’s a year you must subscribe to the WWE Network. It only costs $9.99 a month with a 6 month commitment and you get all the new PPV’s live and hundreds of hours of past WWE shows.

Nearly everything from WWE and WCW is available and if it is not currently there it will be soon. Saturday Night’s Main Event, documentaries from the various WWE DVD’s that have been released over the years, every WWE PPV ever, all the WCW PPV’s, and shows from various promotions like ECW, WCCW, and many more to come.

There is original programming as well like The Legend’s House, The Monday Night War documentary series, and many others.

If it is not currently on the Network it will be soon like my favorite Rock ‘N Wrestling cartoon from the ’80’s that may be cheesy as hell, but I still enjoy it.


I am saying no more because I hope you are subscribing right now and already enjoying a Royal Rumble marathon!


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