Montezuma Castle


This past weekend we were supposed to go hiking near one of the rivers at Campe Verde in Arizona and once we got to a point on the un-paved ground and saw decent water damage to the road, I realized my Honda Civic was not built for off-roading so I had to turn around.

My family and I were a bit disappointed, but then we remembered we were close to Montezuma Castle and decided to pay a visit. We did not get a day of solid hiking, but we had a lot of fun visiting these ruins, taking our time to enjoy the area, and got to have a nice, calm picnic.

The only other time I have visited Montezuma Castle was a few years back and it was so hot we checked it out for a few minutes and then got back to the air conditioned car. This time it was in the 90’s and the weather was perfect so we had a nice, easy going time and really enjoyed the fresh air and amazing sights.

If you would like more info. on Montezuma Castle, visit the following website. It is definitely something to see at least once in your life and come to the realization that people actually lived in these mountains centuries ago.

This upcoming weekend we have various events planned so no hiking, but next week we are planning a trip to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon which should be a lot of fun. Two of the most beautiful areas in AZ and places everyone needs to visit at least once in their life!

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