Hasbro WWF Figures

In 1990 wrestling fans and kid’s of the time were treated to the next evolution of WWF toys in the guise of Hasbro’s WWF Figures. These were an awesome upgrade from the LJN figures because even though they shrunk in size they were a bit more detailed and had action features like swinging arms, spinning bodies, kicking legs, etc… These are a bit easier to find mint in package than the LJN’s, but I prefer collecting them loose since the action features are silly, but fun as hell.

I own a few more of these than the LJN ones with the Hulk Hogan with the “Hulkster Hug” version being my favorite. These true “action” figures were very popular and it is hard to find a big wrestling collector without at least one in their collection.   mSL6m9TyWmMt60ZaRhW4m-w

Cardboard Connection has a great list of the figures included in the collection and links to EBay auctions if you want to add any of them to your toy chest, http://www.cardboardconnection.com/sports-other/hasbro-wwf-figures.

Some of the more common ones only cost around $20 in package, but there are some rare ones like Andre the Giant which go for a couple hundred.

Next week I will conclude my look at wrestling toys with Jakks Pacific and the current Mattell line.

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