Last Tuesday the much anticipated new Fozzy release, Do You Wanna Start a War, came out and did not disappoint. This is definitely one of the best metal/rock albums to come out in quite some time. I have been listening to Fozzy since their first release of cover songs and love that they have evolved so masterfully from a gimmick band to a legitimate heavy metal act that you must listen to and see live in concert whenever you have the chance. They are simply one of the best rock bands today, period.

Their previous release, Sin and Bones, received rave reviews and the standard concern is that the next release will not live up to the hype. Do You Wanna Start a War not only lives up to the hype, but surpasses it. This is now a seasoned band who have found their identity and strive to only give their fans the very best possible.

From the first track (where the title comes from) to the final, Witchery, Fozzy never lets up for even a minute. Most albums feature maybe a couple of damn good songs, but this one is chock full of them.

Lights Go Out is one of those songs that has instant hit written all over it and even after listening to the song over and over again I cannot seem to get sick of it.

If you ever have the pleasure of listening to lead singer Chris Jericho’s podcast, Talk is Jericho, you have heard the title song, Lights Go Out, and the hard hitting One Crazed Anarchist regularly for the past few weeks and for any other band those probably would have been the only great tracks, but not in this case.

Tonight is one of those songs that reminds me of 1990’s Kiss (which I love) and you cannot help but smile and find yourself in a good mood after listening to it.

SOS has quickly become one of my favorite songs of all time. It has that 1980’s rock ballad feel, yet still comes off modern, and you immediately find yourself singing to the chorus.

All 12 tracks are top notch songs and you can tell that the whole band busted their asses to put out the best rock album in years.

I remember when Jericho started Fozzy and some people treated them like they were jokes and I would say from the beginning that they were wrong and over time this was going to be one of those bands that everyone would change their minds about and lo and behold I was correct.

If you still have not jumped on the Fozzy bandwagon now is the time to do so before you are left in the dust.


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