Guardians of the Galaxy

On August 01 Guardians of the Galaxy hits the big screen and could be one of the biggest movies of the year if not the biggest.

Marvel is taking a calculated risk that could turn out to be it’s biggest reward with a property that us long time comic book readers are familiar with, but the main stream crowd has never heard of.

This is an eclectic group of characters led by Star-Lord/Peter Quill who is being played by Chris Pratt. Anyone familiar with Parks and Recreation knows he is quite funny and it will be interesting to see him bring some of that humor to a more lighthearted character, but still show us the action packed superhero style we have all come to love from Marvel movies.

Zoe Saldana as Gamora and Dave Bautista as Drax look perfectly cast in their roles and it will be fun to see what they bring to these characters.

The biggest test will be to see how Groot and Rocket Racoon come off in the film. On the surface they could be the two most ridiculous characters we will ever see in film, but they could turn out to be the most popular in the movie. What little I have seen is very promising and I cannot wait until opening night.

I am a fan of director James Gunn. I thoroughly enjoyed Slither and Super and really enjoy his unique style of movie making. He is the perfect person to bring these crazy characters to the movies.

If this movie turns out to be as good as it looks I sincerely hope people flock to the theaters to see it so we can continue to see more of the obscure comic book characters hit the big screen.

I will see it opening weekend and hope everyone else does too.


One thought on “Guardians of the Galaxy

  1. From my limited comic knowledge I know very little about this team. I am however looking forward to the movie as the trailer impressed me.

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