Talk is Jericho


When driving or trying getting through a long day at work I enjoy listening to podcasts which are essentially radio shows on demand. I currently listen to 10 regularly and several others on occasion. In my top 3 is Talk is Jericho hosted by wrestler/actor/musician/author and now podcast host Chris Jericho.

Some of the things I look for in a podcast is to be entertained, informed, and made to laugh. Jericho’s podcast does all three things very well. I have been listening to his show since the first episode and have never been disappointed. I enjoy the fact that he has a fairly wide variety of guests. He has had his father Ted Irvine who is a former NHL player, William Shatner, Rob Halford of Judas Priest, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and many others on the show. He seems to enjoy primarily interviewing people who are involved in things he loves himself which works for me since I have the same interests. It also makes his interviews very memorable since he really knows what he is talking about with his guests.

He is naturally a funny, charming, and intelligent person which comes off clearly on his podcast. His show is fairly family friendly so you can listen to it in front of your children or at work and not worry about what might be said.

This is the perfect podcast for wrestling, sports, or music fans and really anyone who just wants to smile while listening to something through their earbuds.

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