Friday the 13th


Happy Friday the 13th! A much maligned day due to some people’s feelings that 13 is an unlucky number making Friday the 13th the unluckiest day of the year. This phobia is so widespread that it is estimated that $800-900 million dollars are lost by various businesses on this day due to some people just being too afraid to leave their house.

I actually enjoy these days. I do not believe in superstitions and feel the only way you could be adversely affected is if you allow yourself to be. I like walking past a black cat because I like felines. If there is nowhere else to go I will happily stride underneath a ladder. Maybe this Friday the 13th I will do both!

In honor of Friday the 13th I will be giving my opinion on the movie series of the same name for Monday’s blog post. I own all of them on home video, including the recent remake, and enjoy the series.

My advice for today is to enjoy yourself and wish everyone a Happy Friday the 13th!


One thought on “Friday the 13th

  1. The day passed by without incident. It was an unlucky day for Spain though who got thrashed in the World Cup.

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