Opinions and Why They Do Not Matter

This may seem like a strange topic to discuss on a blog where I share my opinion three times a week, but I feel it has merit as a topic of discussion and will not discredit everything I have written and will write.

Opinions can be fun to share. I enjoy stating my feelings on a topic I enjoy as a whole and seeing what others feel on those same topics, whether they agree with me or not. I enjoy reading differing opinions because every person on this planet has the right to voice their opinion. The world would be painfully boring if we all agreed on everything whether it be something mundane as movies and music or more serious matters like politics or human rights.

At the end of the day I cannot help but question whether any of those same opinions matter? I try to avoid politics and other important topics so as not to offend, but if I did start to share those opinions would it matter? Would it make me a better or lesser person in some people’s eyes? No, I am not going to start discussing these topics any time soon, but I cannot help but wonder if, as I start to gain more readers, if I would turn some of them off by having a single post with a strong political opinion and the rest would be as normal? Would that be fair to me? Would that be fair to the readers?

At the end of the day my opinions on wrestling, super hero movies or the end of a television show are fun to share and do give a slight glimpse into who I am as a person, but would one ‘important’ opinion shared, no matter how controversial it may be, be enough to change someone’s opinion of me and either make me look good or bad in their eyes?

Opinions are possibly the biggest thing we read on the internet. Whether someone shares a picture of a cute kitten with a tagline of “super cute”, a movie review, or an article on today’s news happenings they are all providing opinions to greater and lesser degrees. Should a bad movie review prevent you from watching a movie and enjoying it? Should someone’s opinion on a topic make you think more or less of them no matter what else that person feels or does?

My feelings are pretty simple…I respect everyone’s opinion and expect them to return the favor. If our opinions are so different I would have a hard time getting along with someone then I would simply avoid them and let them live there life any way they choose. I love living in a world of differing opinions. I like being challenged respectfully and made to look at certain situations differently.

If I just shut myself off to everyone who did not agree with me then I would live a very mundane life. My wife and I share a lot of opinions, but from time to time we disagree and that is a good thing. If I agreed with her all the time then my knowledge would never expand and I would be stuck in a mental rut.

Opinions are great and we should all share them, but remember, they really do not matter 🙂

One thought on “Opinions and Why They Do Not Matter

  1. What a shame that many people on the net do not share your balanced outlook on differing opinions. Some people get so nasty if you express a viewpoint they do not agree with.

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