One of my favorite shows of the past 5 years has been NBC’s Community. Funny, beyond irreverent, tons of in-jokes, and just downright awesome, this was a show to watch for people looking for a truly unique comedy. The hope was for a 6th and final season with a movie to wrap it all up, but that will not occur since NBC cancelled the show and per the creator’s they are not looking to move the show to another viewing option.

Not counting the disjointed season 4, this show always provided great humor and biting commentary. The show is filled with wonderful actors and performances, but the stand out for me was always Abed played by Danny Pudi. Abed was a character disconnected from reality, but who was always there for his friends when it counted. I was always frustrated that Pudi was never nominated for an Emmy because he was truly deserving with his amazing portrayal of a truly complicated character.

The problem the show had was that NBC insisted on pairing it against Big Bang Theory for most of it’s run. No one can or will beat that show in the ratings so I could not help but feel like NBC was trying to make the show fail, but the fans kept it alive as long as possible.

If you have not had a chance to watch this show you can view all the episodes through Hulu Plus. It is worth your time and will probably leave you wishing for a 6th season as well.

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