Last year I started reading Terry Moore’s Echo (yes, I realize I am a little late to the show)…an excellent comic book that is available digitally through Comixology. I bought the first 3 issues and really enjoyed it. It is about a woman dealing with a divorce, financial issues, etc…who is suddenly bestowed a high tech battle suit by accident which obviously will change her life dramatically. I am only three issues in so I do not know much past that and do not want to spoil it for myself even though it has been out for a few years. It is produced in black and white which really adds to the artwork much like it does for The Walking Dead (a personal favorite of mine that I will discuss at a later date).

Terry Moore really seems to have a strong respect for women and does not overly sexualize them like many male comic artists do. It is nice to read a comic book featuring a female character that I do not feel weird reading in front of my daughter due to the ridiculous poses/proportions. He is an excellent writer/artist and after I finish reading Echo I plan to buy the Strangers in Paradise collections (I know…even later to the party) which I have heard nothing but good things about.

Here’s hoping to a satisfying read of all 30 issues of Echo and an enjoyable start to Strangers!



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