Royal Rumble 2015

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Normally when I review a wrestling PPV I like to rate the show match by match. For this year’s Royal Rumble, which was held in Philadelphia, I am only going to discuss the Royal Rumble match itself. Overall, this was a solid PPV, but the main event has been the hot topic this past week.

The winner of this year’s Royal Rumble who gets a shot at the WWE World Title was Roman Reigns and damn, the Philly crowd was angry as was the Internet Wrestling Community (which will be referred to as the IWC from here on out). About midway through the match the crowd/fan favorite Daniel Bryan was thrown out of the ring. For the rest of the match, the next 30 minutes or so, the live crowd booed just about everything that occurred in the ring. The wrestlers, the high spots in the match, etc… Even at the end when The Rock showed up the crowd cheered at first and then quickly went back to booing.

Here’s the thing, I get not being happy that your favorite wrestler was not scripted to win that night, but it is extremely disrespectful to punish every other wrestler for what management decided. The booing was relentless and almost ruined a solid show for the people watching at home. You could tell the wrestlers were a bit thrown off and it was noticeable that The Rock was not happy. The IWC keeps trying to convince people it is because Roman Reigns won (which is ridiculous since they are real life cousins). These are probably the same people who still think wrestling is not scripted and Kim Kardashian has talent.

The Rumble really had some great moments with Bubba Ray Dudley making a surprising return and having a great moment with Bray Wyatt, plus DDP making an impressive one night return as well. Speaking of Wyatt, he made a strong showing and showed he was a legitimate presence in the match.

Reigns winning was great since the WWE is really pushing their younger talent right now and we are finally seeing some new faces in the main events. They are doing what the fans have been asking for.

Plain and simple, it was a good show with the only dampener being the live crowd and the IWC.

For the fans in Philly that night and the IWC, get over your selves.

Roman Reigns

The WWE has been in the bad habit of late of leaning too heavily on long established talent such as John Cena and Randy Orton. While both are great talents and legends it gets a little old seeing the same handful of guys at the top week after week. The last half of 2014 the WWE has been making a point of featuring more of the younger and less featured talent. Because of this the future is truly bright for the WWE.  Once a month I am going to discuss one of these exciting new talents.

The first on my list is Roman Reigns who debuted with the WWE in 2012.


At the age of 29 he has a ton of upside and has been brought up in the WWE quickly, but not too quickly in my opinion. For the most part his rise to the top tier has been done well. He was built up slowly and not thrown into main events right after his debut.

He started becoming a name with The Shield (along with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose). During the 2014 Royal Rumble WWE had Reigns eliminate 12 men which broke the long standing elimination record held by Kane for several years. The fans responded quite well.

When they split The Shield last summer there was concern that one or two of them could have suffered. Amazingly enough all three of them have excelled and really found their niche in the WWE. Roman Reigns was immediately over with the WWE audience.

Recently they have paired him in a feud with The Big Show which has not been well received by WWE fans and his promos (which are heavily scripted by WWE’s writers) have been ridiculed of late because of the silliness of them. Despite this fact he still gets great reactions from the crowds since he has a natural charisma similar to his real life cousins The Rock and The Usos. As he gets more experienced on the mic he will get to the point where he can go off script more comfortably and not be stuck saying things like “sufferin’ succotash” (yes, he really said those words).

There are heavy rumors that he will win this year’s Royal Rumble and main event Wrestlemania for the world title. I would be thrilled at this point to have almost anyone with the title besides Brock Lesnar who has gone 5 months or so without defending the belt since he apparently has a non work clause in his contract. Roman would be a great pick as champion since he has a great look, solid in ring talent, natural charisma, and is over with the crowd.

No matter who winds up winning the Rumble, Roman Reigns is proof that the WWE has a bright future ahead of them and there is no doubt he will be a champion sooner rather than later.