WWE Legends House


As I have stated in previous posts, the WWE Network is the best $9.99 a month you could possibly spend as a wrestling fan. One of the best examples of this is the WWE Legends House reality show that is exclusive to the network. It was filmed a couple of years back, but the WWE could not find a network to pick it up which is those networks loss since it turned out to be one of the best reality shows out there.

It was a great way to see the real side of these legendary performers who most of us fans only know by their characters. It featured Jimmy ‘the Mouth of the South” Hart, Pat Patterson, Howard Finkel, Hillbilly Jim, Tony Atlas, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, “Mean” Gene Okerlund, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

There were personal conflicts between them in the beginning, but it was nice to see those issues fade in to the distance as they all got to know and respect each other over the course of the show. Without giving away the details, the final two episodes were very emotional and it was nice to see these larger than life characters reveal the real pains they have dealt with in their lives and finally try to move past them.

There were some slightly cringe worthy moments like realizing that Okerlund is a grumpy old pervert and seeing more of Finkel than any one cares to see, but overall it was clearly not a show that “staged the reality”.

The majority of today’s reality television shows are more scripted than people realize with the producers creating conflicts that were not there in the beginning between cast members. Despite the fact that pro-wrestling is scripted, the producers for the Legends House did not create conflicts like most reality programming and just let the wrestlers be themselves. It was refreshing.

If you do not have the WWE Network it is safe to say that a DVD set should come out at some point and I would heavily recommend checking it out. It was funny, emotional, and just plain cool to see what these larger than life men are like in the real world.

WCW Halloween Havoc 1996


Now things are getting interesting in WCW.

This is the year when the NWO angle started which helped WCW to have a 2 year or so run as the top wrestling promotion in the U.S. Even though it was a huge angle that lasted a few years too long, the true key to WCW’s success at this time was the new crop of wrestlers they had on their roster and this Halloween Havoc was a great example of this.

The PPV started off with Dean Malenko defeating Rey Misterio, Jr. to win the Cruiserweight Championship – This was a great example of the talent level WCW had at this time as these two got the show off to a fantastic start. Two top notch wrestlers who had differing styles that worked perfectly together.

Diamond Dallas Page over Eddy Guerrero – Eddy Guerrero was a great mix of high flyer and mat wrestler. DDP was a guy who got his start in the business at a later than normal age, yet kept himself in shape and worked hard to put on some classic matches that defied time. This was a terrific match that really showcased both performers.

Syxx over Chris Jericho – Never really liked Syxx/123 Kid/X-Pac/Dumbass (not an official name), but he could put a good match when he tried and with Chris Jericho at the top of his game this was another excellent match from an overall great show.

The Outsiders beat Harlem Heat for the Tag Team titles – Excellent match from four big guys who could put on a great show when they worked at it. Harlem Heat always seemed to work hard and put on good matches. The Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) got lazy towards the end of their WCW run, but when they put out the effort, as they did in this match, they really showed everyone how talented they truly were.


After all of these good matches you cannot help but be concerned about the main even featuring Hollywood Hogan and Randy Savage. Even though Savage was late in his career, he still put on some classic matches, but Hogan was definitely past his prime. Fortunately, this match was worked perfectly with a bit of comedy thrown in. Hogan came out wearing a hair piece that came into play during the match when Savage pulled it off and wore it himself. Overall, this was a good, solid main event despite Rowdy Roddy Piper coming out at the end and giving one of the most boring promos ever. I love Roddy Piper. He was a great wrestler and terrific promo guy. This was a poor example of it. It went so long the PPV just abruptly had to end which was great, since it got to the point of embarrassment.

Despite the ending promo, this was an excellent show that proved WCW could be a very good promotion when they tried.

1997 was pretty solid as well and will be the sole PPV featured next week.