The NBA Finals

I am a huge basketball fan.

For most of my life I have been an avid Phoenix Suns fan and enjoy playing and watching the game of basketball.

The Suns struggled this year so my normal playoff time passion has been quelled until the finals started. It is fantastic to see the two teams who are truly the best in the NBA going head-to-head.

No one this season was better throughout the year than the Golden State Warriors and despite experiencing some troubles early in the season, the Cleveland Cavaliers made it clear that they are the top team in the Eastern Conference.

My hope is that this will be a 7 game series and after Cleveland’s big win at Golden State last night, I think that is a strong possibility. Despite losing Kyrie Irving for the rest of the finals this Cavaliers team came up big with LeBron James dominating as usual. Golden State is a great team and will more than likely win at least one game on the road making for a long series. With the first two games going into overtime this is going to be a long, drag out fight to the finish.

I am rooting for Cleveland since the state has never won an NBA title. Who do you want to see win the NBA Championship this year? Let me know in the comments and here’s to what could turn out to be one of the best Finals in years!

The National Basketball Association


Hot damn this is turning out to be an exciting off season for the NBA!

My favorite sport is basketball and I have been following the NBA, and my favorite team the Phoenix Suns, for around 25 years. For me basketball is the most exciting sport to watch on television or in person and the skill with which these athletes perform is second to none.

The off season for any sport can be pretty exciting in regards to free agency, but the NBA is the one league where trades and free agent acquisitions seem to be the most common.

This is one of those years where the free agent list is pretty damn impressive. With the big three in Miami (LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh) being up for grabs and the regular rumblings of Kevin Love being up for trade, some big things are going to happen this off season which has the chance to make the 2014-15 NBA season one of the most interesting in a long time.

There are all kinds of rumors of what will happen this summer and where players will wind up and I cannot wait until things get finalized. My favorite rumor is the possibility of LeBron James coming to Phoenix. I have been a diehard fan of the Suns before Charles Barkley came to town and remain a fan even when the team is not winning. Even though they did not make the playoffs last season the 48 wins was exciting and gave us serious hope for a winning future. I know LeBron coming here is still a bit of a dream, but I cannot help but think he will have the best chance to spend the rest of his career winning NBA championships with the Suns and I desperately want that to happen. We have gotten close more than once, but have yet to win the ultimate prize in basketball.

The Arizona Diamondbacks winning the World Series in 2001 was great for the state, but for many years we were primarily a basketball town. For quite some time the Suns were the only major league team in the Valley. I feel winning that elusive NBA title would be the ultimate achievement sports wise for AZ.

The one thing I hate the most is waiting. I have zero patience and cannot wait for decisions to be made and names signed on the dotted line.

Here’s to a promising NBA season and I hope the Suns win big!!!