The Holidays are here!!


The Holiday season has arrived and I love it! This is by far my favorite time of the year. It starts with Halloween, ramps up to Thanksgiving, hits a high point with Christmas, and then ends perfectly with the New Year.

As soon as October 01 hits my family and I start the Halloween celebration. Every night during the month we watch either a Halloween/horror themed movie or television show. This year we watched some Supernatural, finished The Walking Dead Season 3 (we are a bit behind), re-watched the Evil Dead trilogy, got the original Psycho and The Birds on blu-ray (great movies that everyone needs to see), and much more.

My wife, daughter and I dress up every Halloween with some sort of theme. My wife spends the whole month making our costumes and always does a tremendous job. This year we did a western theme and it was a blast.

My daughter is now 13 and does not want to trick or treat so we just walked around the neighborhood and enjoyed all the great Halloween decorations. There were many homes done up for the holidays which was nice to see.

Overall, a great Halloween weekend and one of the best we have had yet!

In a few weeks it is Thanksgiving time and I look forward to being with my family, eating and drinking heartily, and having a great 4 day weekend.

This is truly a great time of the year and no matter your beliefs just enjoy yourself, be appreciative of your family and friends, and take it easy before another crazy year starts!


Costume corner – All about kids

I am sorry that I missed everyone last week.  My computer crashed late in the week and it took me a while to get everything back to normal.  There’s still a bit to do but I am ok to post again.  This week it will be a quick post about children’s costumes, I will follow up in later weeks.

Costumes for kids

In the past, I did make some costumes for my niece and nephew but for the most part, my experience comes from making Halloween costumes for Scarlet.  It needs to be said that Scarlet has been very free with her opinions since she was very small.  Many times Scarlet would see something on a movie or TV show that she would  then want for her costume.   I used a lot of my adaptation and modification skills to do my best to make her the costume that she wanted.

Every year we choose a theme and I make costumes for all three of us.  When she was younger, more often than not our theme was a direct product of Scarlet’s idea.  And for full disclosure, there was an idea or two that I steered Scarlet away from and onto something more appropriate.  Over the years, our themes have included witches, ghosts, mummies, vampires, zombies, fairies, angels and demons, and pirates.


About two years ago, I started hanging up Scarlet’s costumes as  part of our Halloween decorations.

CC kids

From left to right…

1.  This is actually my mother’s high school prom dress, Scarlet wore it when we were zombies.

2.  That year we were ghosts because she wanted to be a pink ghost.

3.  Her Tinkerbell costume was one of the first that I designed almost completely without a pattern.

4.  This year Scarlet had seen a Disney sing a long, the main little girl wore an orange and black witch dress.  It was easy to make, of course, ours needed to be pink.

5.  The year we were angels and demons. I was an angel, Cap was a demon and Scarlet was a fallen angel.  Behind the dress you can see a bit of the feathers from the black wings that I made.


Next week, I’ll try to give some tips on how to find good ideas for kids costumes.

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