Positive Attitudes


My goal this week is to change my attitude. Sometimes I can be the funniest and goofiest bastard on the planet, but when my mood is ruined I can be miserable to be around. Lately, I have been pretty miserable.

I have allowed some professional missteps to sour the past two weeks which is not fair to those around me and myself. Without going in to great detail, my missteps have actually worked out for me in regards to lowering my stress levels. I have been at a new job for the past 4 months and they treat me better than I deserve.

My main issue is the pay is not that great and I am not excelling like I am used to. Patience is a virtue and I am lousy at it. I believe in working hard AND making great strides quickly. I need to learn patience ASAP or I will not succeed now or in the future.

The past couple of weeks I have been on and off grumpy and that does not help my stress levels nor will it allow me to succeed as I hope to. Whether it is at my current employer or a future one, I must learn quickly to keep smiling no matter what is thrown at me.

With all of the roadblocks we face throughout our lives and the constant negativity in the real world and on the news, we all need to learn that we can only control our reactions to things and how we allow it to affect our attitudes. An occasional bad day is okay and sometimes unavoidable, but it is up to us to not let negativity permanently affect our lives.

From here on out I plan to do everything in my power to stay positive and keep a smile on my face.

Even if I do not excel at everything, I can at least be happy about it 🙂