Disney Infinity


Ever since Disney Infinity came out in 2013 I found myself interested in the game since I am a big Disney fan as is my whole family. I am an avid gamer and a collector of many things, including toys, so the combo of the two with a property I enjoy seemed a no-brainer. I just never got around to buying the game.

This past Christmas I got a big surprise from my wife under the Christmas tree of the 2.0 Marvel Avengers starter set. Now I have a copy of the original game to go along with it and way too many figures, power discs, cases, etc…

To say I enjoy the game is an understatement. It has become quite the hobby for myself and my family. We all enjoy it immensely and wish we had gotten into it sooner.

The game itself includes two main modes…Adventure and Toy Box. Adventure contains your basic gameplay of beating up the bad guys, collecting things, achievements, etc…It is very basic and made for a general audience, but is still fun for a casual gaming session.

The best mode though is Toy Box. You build your own world through unlocking features in the game itself and the purchase of power disc booster packs ($4.99 for two randomly packed discs). The possibilities for customization seem endless. They have all the Disney themed stuff you can think of with the addition of the world of Marvel with Disney Infinity 2.0. Combining the two worlds can be quite fun. Captain America riding a surfboard with Stitch on the front through it’s a Small World is one of the truly simple pleasures in life. There are also tons of mini games to play and keep you interested for many hours.

I enjoy the multiplayer aspects of this game since it has proven to be fun for not just myself, but my wife and daughter as well. It is really a big thrill when my wife gets excited to buy a video game.

I hope in the future they will add the Star wars universe to Infinity since Disney owns that huge property as well. Chewbacca fighting with Thor against Captain Hook would be a blast.

This is a game/toy that is perfect if you have a family that likes to join in your gaming sessions and you are looking for something simple and just plain fun.



My latest gaming addiction is the card game Munchkin, http://www.worldofmunchkin.com/cardgame/. I have owned the Munchkin Cthulhu set, and three of the expansions, since I bought them at San Diego Comic Con in 2009. They collected dust until September 09, 2012 when my wife, daughter and I finally played it for the first time. The first game was a little awkward since we were still trying to figure out the rules, but after that we were on a roll and really enjoying the game. We have bought various themed dice, level and kill counters, the official IOS app, storage boxes, figurines, etc…when I really get into something, I have a tendency to go “all in” and learn everything there is to know about it and buy all the merchandise I can find related to it. All three of us are really enjoying this game and I have added the original Munchkin, Munchkin Apocalypse, Munchkin Bites, and Munchkin Unnatural Axe to our collection.

It is one of those games that is simple enough for non hardcore gamers to learn and enjoy and for hardcore/experienced gamers to find challenging and just downright fun. What is great about it is the fact that my wife and daughter enjoy it as well. I am not the kind of guy who hangs out at bars with “the guys” or goes fishing with “the men” on the weekends. My most memorable and enjoyable times are with my “ladies” (wife and daughter in case that was not clear). I try to find things that all three of us can enjoy and this game is one of them.

If you have not played it, you really need to. You can find the various 100+ card sets on Amazon (just search for ‘munchkin card game’) for less than $20. Barnes & Noble stores also carry Munchkin and even have exclusive sets. There are various themed sets that fit all kinds of interests…Pirates, Space, Superheroes, Vampires, Zombies, etc…

I wholeheartedly recommend this game for anyone who likes to game and who enjoys goofy humor.